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Five groups you need to be part of on Facebook: Bow edition

Bow makers unite.

Making bows is not an easy hobby whether you’re part of the faux leather team or you make fabric or ribbon bows, there are plenty of groups to help you on your journey. We all need help, even those that have been doing it for years and the best people to help you are other people that have made the exact same mistakes that you have. 

Why you should be part of Facebook groups?

Facebook can be your best friend or your worst enemy and for me I chose that it would be my friend. There are so many groups that just make your life easier and unless you’re insane, you should probably want to make your own life easier. So I’ve spent the last six months looking for groups that you’re going to want to be a part of and finding the best ones in each of the crafting categories, here’s five groups that you need to be part of on Facebook – bow edition.

Group #1: Hair Bow Materials Destash/Advice

This is a fantastic group for both products and advice, currently it’s just for members in the UK, but I would assume that’s only for the selling aspect of it. 99% of the page is selling, but if you have a question and post it people do reply to you in a fairly timely and helpful manner.

Group #2: Bow talk 

I loved this group from the moment that I found it – the line is “if you dont like sharing your bow knowledge, this group really isnt for you!”. The group is full of positive vibes and helpful advice, plus plenty of inspiration (which means I want to make everything that I see). 

Group #3: Cat’s Hair Bow tutorials

My aim is to be Cat one day, she is just goals. She is unlike a lot of other crafters, is just so open and supportive about every single bow maker. We share a lot of similar thoughts where I personally believe there is enough room for all bow makers. She has a youtube channel too, posts regular videos and even has specific hours for people to share and support other small businesses.

Group #4: Bow making, destash UK

I harp on about this group all the time, but it really is the holy grail of buying destash fabric. I think that I have bought about £100 in total of fabric from this group and I know that the clays alone are worth a lot more than I buy them for. The issue is that sometimes you find something, but people can’t remember where it’s from. I think it’s still worth it though.

Group 5: Jolif the Craft Shop friends and customers

If you’ve not bought from Jolif yet, you’re missing out. The fabric that I have from there is just out of this world, but the customer group is just amazing. Considering most of the people in the group should theoretically be competition, they’re all so helpful and amazing. Honestly, I answer so many questions and ask so many more.

So there you have it! My favourite Facebook groups. Come back next week for my favourite vinyl groups.

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