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Design Space sets to help organise your pantry

When buying your Cricut there’s a rite of passage, and one of them is that you have to use vinyl to label everything in your house. There are plenty of TIKTOKs that take this to another level, but on a whole it’s one of the easiest first crafts or first activities that you can do with your machine. As I mention in other blog posts, I have a maker, but this can be used with any machine.

Although Design Space is £7 a month, I personally don’t use it enough, and this is something that I’m trying to use more, however they don’t make it easy to find amazing templates and sometimes you just need to find one or two that you like and you can take a look at the entire brand set.

Pantry Labels with Icons

These are cute and perfect for anyone just starting out, they’re a good size to learn weeding skills and also they’re really simple and can be any colour. The great thing about these labels is that they’d be pretty easy to recreate. You could easily grab a square and some other images and create some bespoke ones.

Cute pantry labels

These would be much harder to recreate, but they have so many general ones that you’d never be stuck for choice.

Pantry definition labels

Pantry definitions are cute, but I would recommend using printable vinyl rather than actual vinyl as this could be a nightmare to weed.

Farmhouse Pantry Labels

These cute farmhouse pantry labels with a whole farmhouse scheme, there’s also some cute signage that can go with them which will help you create a cute farmhouse theme.

Organise this, Organise that

This goes way beyond your pantry, but if you’re that kind of person this set gives you three times what the other sets give you.

If you’ve given any of these a go, I would love to see your work.

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