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Bow templates: Want to know where to buy amazing bow templates from?

Let me guess, you’ve found some free bow templates which are amazing, you’ve used the design space templates, but you want more. This is how it starts, you’ll end up buying tonnes of templates, but it’s well worth it. These templates all come with commercial licensing and take your bow making to the next level.

There are so many templates and designers out there, but here’s some of my favourite ones

Maisie Moo Designs bow templates

Probably the most talked about designer on my Tiktok. Not only is her customer service just amazing, her designs are out of this world. She honestly is so talented and answers all your questions. Below I’ve popped a few of the templates that I’ve used, but if you want more step-by-step designs, sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for our webinars.

Prnsessie bow templates

I’ve spent the most ever at this store, Prnsessie offers you the chance to buy her entire store at a fraction of the price. So obviously I had to. Her templates mainly include Princess and TV inspired templates (notice what I did there, don’t mention a specific word). I’ve not sold any of them yet individually, I just enjoy making them for the Tiktok world and then giving them away.

I’m not super sure of the legal aspect of selling these bows, which is why I stay away from selling them. If you have kids or you know more about selling than I do, definitely give them a go. Here’s one design I made and sold in my store over Christmas.

Harribow bow templates

This is my most commonly used standard template. It’s a 4.5 inch bow, which is a standard size for most children. I love the way the middle wraps around perfectly, but it takes a few tries to get it right. Harribows also sells craft supplies, so you can definitely get a good bundle all at once.

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