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5 fabrics that I love to make bows with

Hair bow making started off as a hobby for me. Shortly after I started making hair bows, I even decided to start an Etsy store (and it was a great learning experience!). Creating my own Etsy shop and getting my first set of sales really pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and improve my bow making further! What I have learnt is that there are tonnes of different bow-making fabric available. Some make perfect bows but you might not enjoy working with them. Alternatively you could find a fabric that isn’t quite right for bows, but you love the way the fabric feels, which is how I started learning how to make fabric bows too.

#1: Canvas backed fabric

Canvas backed fabric feels like canvas, you’ll know it when you feel it. It’s personally not my favourite to create with as sometimes it feels too harsh or you can tell it looks printed. There’s not a tonne of additional texture to it, but the bonus is you’ll get beautiful patterns. You can also print on canvas yourself, search amazon and you’ll find tonnes of printable canvas.

Below is a set of canvas school bows that I made paired with a pebbled faux leather and apple embellishment.

#2: Felt backed fabric

Felt backed fabric is my favourite, it feels soft and looks amazing. I have all the supplies in to start making some of my own felt backed fabric, but I’m lacking time this Christmas period. My favourite bows ever are these Gingerbread bows (they’re back in stock soon), they’re felt backed and were just a dream to work with. Paired with a glitter ribbon and the little Santa gingerbread man and it just makes me to want to wear one myself.

#3: PVC material

PVC material is the love of my life. It can be shiny, transparent, patterned. It’s just fantastic. Jelly fabric is also a type of PVC material, so if you see that too, you’re on the same page as me. They’re fantastic to work with, but be careful you can melt them with your hot glue gun if you’re not careful.

The below is made from a rainbow cheetah fabric, it came in an A3 sheet so I got 8 bows (4 medium, 4 small from it). I cut it shiny side up and it came out perfect.

#4: Felt

I love working with felt, but stiff felt also called craft felt took a little bit of getting used to. When I started making them I found that using my glue gun stained the fabric a little, so I moved to fabric glue. Once you’ve mastered how to fold them in the right place, they’re pretty cute and really cheap to make.

#5: Glitter

Glitter the best and worst thing to happen to the craft world. Depending on the quality of the glitter sheets, it can be amazing to cut or a nightmare that makes you want to throw your Cricut out the window. So far (touch wood) I’ve had good glitter, bought from a range of places. I haven’t found that it pealed, but I have had chunky glitter that just rips when you put it through the machine. So practice with some options before you decided to sell them.

That’s my list. What do you like to use?

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